Wednesday 2 March 2016

To write 100 reviews takes AGES to write 100 more takes SEGA

Let's all be honest - hands up if you thought this blog would reach 100 games? You can't see, but my hand has remained firmly by my side. I've often discussed why I started this blog, so I won't bore by repeating it again. Needless to say my goals wasn't to write about 100 games even if it would justify owning that many. 

It's crazy to think I own that many boxed Snes games now. Back when they all (rather than just some) cost £60 each the notion of anyone owning 100 boxed complete games would have seen impossible to my younger self. But lovingly stored in my games room sits that many, all in sentinel cases arranged in the order I've written about them. Some are superb, some disappointed me but all are treasured and I'm very proud of my collection. 

But where to go from here? Of course I could just keep buying Snes games at the rate of one a fortnight. There's certainly many fantastic games I don't own, there are also no doubt some more Japanese insanity that so often tickles me. But there's a slight problem in that so many of the games I want but don't own, 'Super Metroid', 'Earthbound', 'Terranigma' and 'Star Fox  2' are very very expensive now. I'm sure one day I will buy them, but right now the money could be better spent on other cheaper games.

Across the 100 games I've really refined my taste. I like pixel art, I like chip tunes, I clearly like 16 bit games. So it only seems sensible to look to other games from that time period. Growing up I was a Nintendo Boy, publicly turning my nose up at anything Sega even though there was actually many games I wanted on the Mega Drive. Console loyalty was as silly then as it is now. However, like modern youths fighting over Sony and Microsoft's superiority, I refused to ever acknowledge that 16bit Sega systems were worth my time. 

You may recall that last year I bought 40 games for the Mega Drive rather blindly. It didn't work out as well as I'd hope but after a year of cleaning and box replacing I now have a huge range of games I've largely never heard of sitting on my shelf ready to be played. So Boxed Pixels will be going 512 shades of black for the time being. Almost at random I'll pluck titles from my shelf and finally see why so many people loved Sega's 16 bit machine back in the day. Who know, I may even pick up a few games I've always wanted to play along the way. 

Naturally if you have any recommendations for forgotten "Mega Greats" do let me know. I'm sure there are many fantastic games out there that I don't even know of, let alone own. I hear the "Genesis does what NintendDon't" so maybe it's time to see what this "blast processing" is all about ! 

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