Friday 28 August 2015

Replay Events' Play Margate 2015

Retro Collecting works best when you're part of a community. Of course you can go it alone, buying all the games you wish at Car Boots and eBay, but like so many things in life it's a hobby best shared. 

Befriending fellow collectors means you can trade with them and when the end result is the acquisition of a game you both want, everyone is a winner. Having gaming buddies means having gaming discussions and there's always someone more knowledgable about a certain subject than you. They can tell you which games to buy, which in turn helps you avoid the dross and find the hidden gems. Sharing a gaming experience enriches it too and this isn't something limited to sharing a room with a mate playing a two player game.

Often talking about a game after you've played it adds another layer of enjoyment. Others will have seen bits you've missed, they may have noticed story nuances that past you by. 

Bob Hoskins may well have embarrassed himself once upon a time by becoming the filmic embodiment of Mario but he showed far more sense when he said "it's good to talk". As a gaming community 90% of our interactions may well be done in a virtual spade but every now and then we get the opportunity to meet up in person and it's a chance we should all grab with both hands. 

Recently I had the good fortune to be invited to 'Play Margate', a new gaming event held near to where I live in Kent. Considering it was being organised by Replay Events, the geniuses behind other 'Play' events I had high expectations. They didn't disappoint and if you wish to read about my experience I have written about the day for 'Retro Collect'

Fun was indeed had by all. 

Read all about it here.

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