Thursday 1 May 2014

The waiting game... Hyperkin's RetroN 5

When I first heard out about Hyperkin's RetroN 5 I was awfully excited. It seemed the perfect answer to many problems I had experienced as a retro gamer in the modern world. It could play Snes games from any region, so where I had two Super Nintendos under my TV I would only need one RetroN 5. It could output via HDMI into my fancy LCD TV, so no longer would I be looking at a blurry picture from the Antenna port. It had wireless controllers, so I'd no longer need to sit on the carpet two foot from the TV to play. Best of all it allowed emulator style 'Save States' at any time even when games were played from the original cartridges. This would mean that should I ever have to stop play because of everyday children emergencies, I wouldn't have to make the awful decision between turning off a console and loosing an hours worth of play, or leaving it on and hoping the machine doesn't burn out. 

Yes, the RetroN 5 was a machine I wanted - only it was something I couldn't buy for love nor money. 

Despite being announced back in March 2013, over a year later there was still no sign of the console being available to the public and I was eager to know why. You can read all about the factors that caused the delays in an article I wrote for Retro Collect. Without giving too much away, the developer of the machine Hyperkin have not always shown the utmost respect for their customers, especially when some discovered that this dream machine was not all it was crackled up to be.

I must confess I am less keen to buy the machine now,but should the rumours and doubts be proven false I'll happily admit the errors of my ways. I sincerely hope it does all they claim upon release, as should it meet even half their claims it'll be the best clone console on the market.

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  1. I dont understand the point of this thing if one has the original cartriges/crt/console and wants to experience the games the way they were originally intended in all their sprite interlaced gloryness. LCDs and emulation just aren't the same and an awful way to experience old videogames. WHY CANT SOMEBODY JUST rerelease THE ORIGINAL HARDWARE and some type of crt type monitor, now that would be amazing


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