Monday 17 February 2014

eBay - That Game we play

What do you do when you get angry and annoyed? Scream, shout, break something , fall to your knees and scream  "Why!?" as if some heavenly body is interfering with your destiny? 

If you're me, you put finger to keyboard and write an angry article, which is exactly what I did for a post on Retro Collect

Furious that late one night I had been snipped and having missed out on a game I wrote an account of my experience, which can be read here. In the process of doing so I realised that there is a lot of symmetry between game playing and buying on eBay that I never realised. Considering this and how much time I've spent lost in a game throughout my life, you really would think I'd be better at bidding by now!

I hope you enjoy it, based on early comments its seemed to have gone down well. As ever though feedback is appreciated!

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